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Although people don’t know that, having a credit is quite usual. Indeed, one person over six has a loan in Switzewrland. That makes a big number of loans every year (5’0000 credits contracts has been made in Switzerland). Which represent about eight milliards Chf, just for consumer credit.

This blog offers you a lot of article about finance in Switzerland. Need somme credit information? Through ours articles we will explain you how to obtain a loan in Switzerland more easily, moreover with the best conditions. We will tell you how loans companies work in Switzerland and on what criteria they are evaluating you. We will explain how to prevent your consumer credit to be denied.

This web site about credit information has been made in order to help you understand more about online loans in Switzerland and about private loan in general. What are the conditions for requesting an online credit? What is the maximum amount that you can obtain? How long does it takes to reimburse a loan? What are the trap to avoid small tricks to know? Credit information, testimony, tips in Infocredit you will find everything you need to know about credits.

Rental car

Rental car


Do you want to purchase a rental car? Do you want to know the various types of financing solutions that are at your disposal? We are proposing you possible options. Which[Lire plus...]

Yellow Identification

Yellow Identification


While you are requesting a loan towards a bank or a credit agency, you will be asked to fournish a ”Yellow Identification” (identification jaune). What is this document? Where to[Lire plus...]

Ci permit in Switzerland: What, how and for whom?

Ci permit in Switzerland: What, how and for whom?


In Switzerland, one must own a residence permit to stay in the country. Thos permits are divided in categories. If B, C, L, or event G permits are generally known,[Lire plus...]

Car loan or car lease?

Car loan or car lease?


Thinking about a new car? To buy a new vehicle? If you do not want to pay the full price, you will have your turn to either credit or  leasing.[Lire plus...]

Rental guarantee in Switzerland

Rental guarantee in Switzerland


Are you soon moving? A rental guarantee will allow you to avoid the payment of the rental deposit. What is it exactly? How much does it cost? Discover our explanations. What[Lire plus...]

Mortage offer

Would you like your own house? Are you looking for a free non-binding mortgage offer? Make your request online now!

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